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My Testimony

Praise God from whom all blessing flow, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I am pleased to submit a brief biography or testimony of myself unto my fellow brethren and cyber saints that you may know my stand in our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for having victory over sin, self and Satan. I thank God for his many blessings, and for family, employment, spiritual gifts and talents only to be used for his glory. I especially thank God for my wife Jan who loves me dearly and unconditionally and suffers with me through all of my growing pains.
I thank God for his son Jesus, who is my best friend, savior, counselor, mighty God, and the prince of all of my peace. Who has been there when I was up and down, and picked me up even when I stumbled and fail? He has chastened, admonished, corrected, and encouraged me. He also has shown me all of my potentials in him, and have let know what I could be, and who I am in him. I am learning that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthen me. His love is perfect, and his love is perfecting me. This testimony could not hold all of the praise that is due to his holy name.
If you find this website and are amazed by the content that exists in these web pages, well so am I. I give God the glory for this website and for being a student of the bible and Holy Spirit for many years, and because of this, I would like to share what I have learned with you. I was an illiterate person who lacked the writing and reading skills when I was a lad to achieve this monumental task. I never was able to attend school regularly because of severe bouts of sickness, and I never made one whole credit in High School. But after getting saved at the age of 22 years old. The first book that I learned to read was the bible. The Holy Spirit taught me to read and had me go take the High School Certificate Test which I through some miraculous way passed, and later to get a education in my adult years. I look back at what God has done in my life and know that He gave me the spirit of knowledge concerning his word. These are the things that I would like to share with you through these pages.
Also I would like to share with you how God brought me out of false religion to fellowship with a true body of believers, and you know I am yet excited about that today. I remember when coming to a church of God local congregation in June 1975 it was the most thrilling experience that a young man at the age of 22 years old could ever experience. Freshly coming out of Babylon (man-made religion) and seeing the full illumination of truth is the greatest witness and divine revelation that I have ever witness in my lifetime. I remember in my quest for truth, I went down many roads seeking the right way to live for God. At the time I didn’t understand that to start living for God I simply had to repent and confess and forsake my sins and put my faith and trust in Christ the Lord. I was side tracked in my quest and went from mountain to mountain and hill to hill seeking the way to Zion. I by default inherited my family religion, and became a Baptist.
To just back track a little bit my Grandfather, and Great Grandfather were Baptist Ministers and many of my uncles were Baptist Ministers as well. My ancestry dates back to the late 1700’s when my family arrived from Guinea the West Coast of Africa. My family history in America is authentically documented by the U.S. Census Bureau; their names are all there as well. So you see religion was handed down in my family from generation to generation. My family religion existed before the 1800s and they lived by the word to all they knew in the sects of men. But one thing that was nice to know was that the greatest legacy that my great grandparents could leave my family was the sense of worshipping the true God of heaven and put faith in his son Jesus Christ who died for our sins. Later my parents migrated from the state of Mississippi to the north for better opportunity and after growing up as a lad in Chicago Illinois, and losing both of my parents at an early age. I wanted to know more about God, and I became very conscience of heaven and immortal things. This great sense of loss forced me to be concern about my own mortality. So I began to seek for truth.
I considered other religions, even though I went to the Baptist Church as a youngster on the South Side of Chicago I knew that I needed more. One day while coming home from the YMCA in my neighbor, I noticed a church by the name “Mt. Calvary Church of God in Christ”. It was something about that name that attracted me to that place. Hummmmm, the Church of God in Christ. For some reason I felt that I was getting closer to a resolution for my quest. So I started going to this congregation; myself and another friend of mine would gather all the children in the neighbor and we would go to there for worship service. Why I did this I don’t know. I started reading the bible more and seeking for a deeper experience of more than what I had. I went to this church faithfully. On Wednesday Night we would have (BTW), I think this meant Bible Training Workers, and on Friday Nights I would attend a Holy Ghost tarrying Service, where we would praise God, and testify and dance for hours seeking the presence of the Lord, accompanying with speaking in tongues. We were seeking to get filled with the Spirit, as the evidence that we got it. But I had a big problem with this, because I could not get the Holy Ghost. No matter how much I danced and tried to speak in that unknown tongue, I just couldn’t get it. I was living to all I knew, but for some reason I just could not get it. We would tarry long hours into the evening to no avail, yet it seemed that I always came away empty. We even had lessons on how to get it. We were told to say Jesus repeatedly hundreds of times until we felt something would happen. I would have the deacon or someone on the side of me instructing me on what to do. Yet I realized that there were something missing, and I came away always empty. There were other problems to there. This group of people would publicly beg their audience dry for money, they would set up Twenty Dollar lines, Ten Dollars Lines, Five Dollar Lines and a Dollar Line, and by the way they didn’t except change (coined money). They would also make the audience stand and walk around to the front of the pulpit to drop their money in the offering plate. This way they could see who was giving and who was not giving. On the way back from the offering walk on one occasion I didn’t have anything to give and I was accosted by the Pastor’s Mother in Law, by her pulling on my jacket and was questioned about not putting money in the offering plate. I resented this because I was embarrassed that I didn’t have the money to give and offended that she would even ask. I remember once leaving the Friday Night tarrying service and going home, and upon entering the living room of my house God spoke loudly to me with a strong audible voice in my conscious and told me to sit down, no one was in the living room with me, so I sat down and God said open the bible and read it for yourself. And this is what I did. From that moment I began to learn God for myself, and by obeying God that day He gave me the spirit of knowledge to learn of him for myself. I decided from that day that I would quit going to that church, and seek God for myself. My decision was firm, but the devil didn’t want to give up, so he sent the Deacon of that church after me, I went out of my back door and went to a neighbors house and hid until he left. God gave me a strong conviction that he wanted to teach me the word of God.
Later I went downtown to the Bible book, and while in the book store (Moody Bible Book Store) I ran into an old friend who were once in a band with me and also went to the same high school that I went to and He witness to me about what holiness really was, and the truth about the New Testament Church and other truths, as he expounded the scriptures to me in a more perfect way, my heart and spirit bore witness that this was truth. My heart accepted those things that he said. He did not force them on me, but it was something about what he was saying that totally agreed with my spirit and I knew God was in what he was saying. Later that week He came by the house and invited me to a Church of God bible class on the south side of Chicago on 46th and Drexel where the Pastor was Elder Willie E. Gordon. It was a very good bible class and every one in there looked different. They had this glow about them. They were very nice people and greeted me very warmly. I knew I wanted to come back to this place. So on Sunday I came out to service and upon entering the door, you had to walk up the stairs to the main chapel, and God spoke to me and said you have come to Mount Zion. I didn’t know what Zion was, but I knew that I had come home. I had found my resting place. As I write this, I weep at the awesome guidance of God down through the years. Brethren I could have still been in Babylon (religious confusion) but God through divine intervention brought me out with a mighty hand. Thank God for providing a way of escape. I will never forget my first introduction to the church of God and its teachings. I remember Pastor Gordon teaching the Friday Night bible class and one of the things that we would have to do at the start of the class was to recite a list of things the church of God stood for, and I am 62 years old now and still have not forgotten them and can say it by heart.
For example:
The Church of God stands for;
ETERNAL LIFE – MATT. 25:46; MARK 10:29-30; JOHN 3:15, 6:54,10:28
These were the best Friday Nights that I ever had in my life. We also used to study from a book called “What the Bible Teaches”, which dealt more in-depth about the subject matters that were listed in the church of God recitation that we sounded out at the start of every Friday night bible class. We were also given topics to individually study and prepare to bring back to the next class and stand before the class to expound what we have learned. I remember on one occasion after being in the Church of God for about 3 months, I was given a topic on Sects and the different between the true Church and Sects. I came up with the ideal to get a poster board, and I went home and got some tops from the pots and pans and created my first chart describing the true Church as a big circle in the middle and the false churches and sects of man as little circles surrounding the big circle. I labeled the big circle in the middle the Church of God and all the other surrounding circles after the sects of men, such as; Baptist, Catholic, etc. Through this illustration and my notes I was able and clearly show the difference between the True Church of the bible and the false one. My Pastor was amazed and stated that there were some here who had been around the church of God for thirty years who did not know as much as I did about the difference between the true Church of God and Sects.
I became very encourage through these classes and began to study more and more about the Church of God, in prophecy and history. The book of Revelation became my most read book at the time and through prayer and the Holy Spirit, I was able to have a clear understanding of the book of Revelation. It showed the triumphant and trails of the Church; it showed her victories and also her enemies. It showed the church from its inception and also her outcome in the end time. It truly is a marvelous book. At this time there were several brothers that got together sometimes to spend a whole night together praying and studying the book of Revelation. These brothers was also known or dubbed the Revelators. God through prophecy and history showed us many things from this great and last book of the bible. I said all of this to let the church know that I love this book and the way God revealed many wonderful treasures from this book to me. Yes I read other commentary concerning this book, but these were nothing in comparison to how God through the Holy Spirit gave it to me.
You know I’m reminded of Moses who spent 40 years in Egypt, and 40 years in Midian which was on the backside of the desert, before God was able to effective use him to deliver the children of Israel from bondage. Even thought he had a speech impediment and other short coming, God was able to mold and make him into the person and Prophet that He wanted Moses to be. Midian was Moses training ground, and I’m finding that we each have our own training ground before God can use us. You see Moses had escaped Egypt, but God had to get Egypt out of him. I dare not acquaint myself with Moses or any other Prophet for that matter, but I’m familiar with the backside of the desert. I know what it’s like to see God from afar off in the distance, making noise on Mount Sinai. Thank God for calling me closer. As God move me from the back side of the Desert (Midian) to the forefront, with a fresh call and new challenge to refresh and inspired the body of Christ. I present this media to the social standard of this day, and I hope and pray that it is a great blessing to many. So with this website, blog, and e-books, we are at a mere attempt trying to share the blessing a richness of His word. I have chosen 10 themes which contain many biblical subject matters, to which I have studied for almost 40 years, and it is my hope that you enjoy these topics and much as I did putting them together. Our Website, Blog and e-book themes are as follows;
• What the bible teaches
• The Christian Life
• The Church of God
• Songs of Zion
• The Tabernacle of God
• The Book of Daniel
• The Book of Revelation
• The Seven Parables
• The Second Coming
• The False Prophet
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God bless you.
Brother Ricky Ricardo Morris